First Flash Game (The Bill Cosby Adventure)

For our first Flash project, we had to re-purpose and existing Flash tutorial for our own needs. Taking a platformer game tutorial found at ( as my starting point, I was able to work with the availible code and Symbols to create my own game.


Screenshot of original game. How droll.

The original file, while having fine physics and gameplay elements behind it, was flat and dry. Play as a stick figure and shoot targets, all been done before. If I was to create this game, this magnum opus, I would need a hero unlike on we’ve seen before, a new hero for a new generation:


(New hero might be pushing it)

 Once the basic story was set up, one full of twists,turns and femme fatales, it was just a matter of extending on the existing game. The premise of the game was a standard classic: Bill Cosby, the last man on earth, must use the power of pudding pops to defeat the evil zombie Slash’s and find the worlds supply of woolly jumpers.


(Screenshot of in-game gameplay. Be sure to note the stellar graphic design and plot-driving narration)

 In gameplay terms this means jumping around awkward platforming levels looking for the key (woolly jumpers) to open the door (still a door). There is no health system implemented unfortunately, something I might work on at a later time, which means the inclusion of enemies is mostly ornamental. You can shoot and kill them but they mostly just hover around the screen minding their own business.

A full list of changes made to the game file would be:

  • Changed character sprites (Main Character, enemies, pick-ups, weapon)
  • Alternate level design (using the existing two levels I extended it to five, with different themes and locations used)
  • Added in more enemies (Although using a slightly awkward code to add in enemies, I filled the additional levels with them)
  • Fixed minor gameplay issues (Enemies disappeared upon contact originally for some reason, fixed this so only bullets can take them out)



Examples of using existing code to increase number of levels, insert new enemies on said levels.

Overall I enjoyed the project. I found some of the code quite above my skill level, but I had a reasonable understanding of why everything was where it was, and how it could be used to manipulate the code for my own benefit.

There are a few things I’d like to improve upon with the project, and may include in a more fleshed out version at a later date, including:

  • Health system – easy to implement and gives purpose to enemies
  • More levels / fleshed out later levels
  • More challenging platforming sections – tie this in with health meter to add actual challenge to the game
  • Music – ambient background sound and Bill Cosby soundbites would be big improvements
  • Optional third person open world free roaming mode – To Be Confirmed…

You an play the game here ( and download the source files here ( (Be sure to download the FLA and all three Actionscript files), make sure to check it out and leave your constructive criticism and unequivocal praise in the comments. Once again mucho thanks to the people at ( for their fantastic tutorials!


Movement – Left and Right arrow keys

Jump – Up arrow key

Use doors – Down arrow key

Attack (Pudding Pop) – Space bar

Note: Minor glitch when playing the game on the webpage, as soon as the game starts try moving your character, otherwise poor Bill will occasionally fall through the floor into a bottomless void. Quite disheartening.

Note 2: You may have to click download attachment upon opening link, this will take you straight to the game and not download anything. This happens about half the time, it’s weird.


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